Adding events to is free and you can easily do it by clicking hereAll kinds of events are welcome on the site whether they are big or small regardless of location. Below are instructions on how to add an event. If you have any questions, you can send us a message.

In Event title, type the name of the event you are adding. Note that this is the most important text and tells you what the event is. However, the text cannot be too long. 

In the Description section, tell what the event is about. Here you can write more lines and market why one should attend this event. The text is also important because the words in this section appear in the search engine.

Place an Event Ticket Purchase URL in the event homepage or a link to the event ticket seller's website. You can attach multiple images. You can append the video URL of the event to the Video URL. Please note that when using a youtube video, the video must be selected embended.

Select the venue and the address information for the event. Note that the location of the event is important because it identifies the location of the event on the map. Select the country of your event. If your own country is not on the list, please contact us so we can help you if necessary.

Great, you've come a long way. Next, you need to select an event category. Lastly, the most important information about the event, ie the time of the event, must be entered. In addition to the date, use the time here as well. If you have an end time for the event in addition to the start time, add it here.