BFRS National Careers Fair @Catterick
Source : EventtiNet
Organizer : British Forces Resettlement
Address : Gough Road, DL9 3EL Catterick, GB

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BFRS events are designed to connect forward-thinking companies with exceptional talent from the Armed Forces Community (AFC)!


Discover and explore diverse industry sectors, gain insights into current job market trends, understand the qualifications sought by employers, and connect with potential training providers, including those approved by the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme. BFRS is committed to assisting you in acquiring new qualifications for future employment opportunities.

Crucially, BFRS collaborates with industry exhibitors who are either signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant or are pro-AFC. This reflects a recognition of the distinctive skills and experiences inherent in the Forces community.


What Sets Our Events Apart:

BFRS Events stand out by fostering genuine connections, offering diverse opportunities, creating a military-friendly environment, celebrating unique strengths, and tailoring events to meet the specific needs of the Armed Forces Community.


Our BFRS events attract top talent from the Armed Forces Community:

Serving Service Personnel (Regular & Reserves)

Royal Navy




Families (spouses/dependents)

An Event filled with Potential:  Immerse yourself at a BFRS event, filled with possibilities across multiple industries, from tech to finance, healthcare to engineering. Find your perfect fit and embark on an exciting new journey.

🚀 Thousands of Job Opportunities: Connect with national, local, and regional employers offering thousands of career possibilities tailored to your skills and aspirations.

💡 Upskill for Success: Empower your future by engaging with approved training providers offering new qualifications for your journey to success.

📈 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Discover the world of self-employment and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

📚 CV and Career Guidance: Our experts provide free CV advice and career guidance to sharpen your competitive edge.

🤝 Expand Your Network: Network with industry professionals and create connections that could be the key to your dream career.

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BFRS National Careers Fair @Catterick

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